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Clement Charles is the founder and CEO of AllTheContent, a global news agency and content aggregator, and Chairman of the Board of ATC Future Medias, a Swiss company that groups different media and communication brands (Commu’Comm, Contenu & Cie, Lancy TV, 2B Visible). He actively defends the role of journalism, the focus on delivering added value and the fair payment of all types of content producers.  As an entrepreneur, a journalist or as a citizen, Clement Charles’ core interest is to be perfectly time to market by mapping out possibles futures and find the right path to get there.


Before ATC, Clement Charles was involved in the music and digital arts scene since 94 as DJ, organizer, producer and performer. He then became a producer on Swiss national broadcaster Couleur 3 from 2000 to 2003, anchoring legendary shows (Metissages, Groovelift) or events (Sonar, Paléo, MJF). Clement  has been a member of the board the Swissmedia Association between 2004 and 2010. He is currently a member of  the World Editors Forum.


Clement Charles regularly speaks at major industry events on media and ICT industries, promotes awareness on life logging with Quantified Self Geneva and provides futuristic expertise’s in the field of media, big data, digital immortality, smart cities, political communication, green tech and orbital industries to various partners or its blog !


On a more personal level, Clement is based in Geneva, Sweeeeetzerland. Living there a life made of family life, good friends, stimulating encounters, vegetarian food, intense work, theory books, SF novels, lake swims, mountain walks and many travels.  And enjoying every minute of it.


Nature. Technology. Freedom. For Today. And Tomorrow. Everywhere. And Beyond.

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