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May 26th, 2013 by Clement Charles

Fight For Transparency Event – Tweeted Reports

I had the opportunity to attend the “Fight For Transparency” event at the Academy of Journalism and Media (AJM) of University of Neuchâtel. The content of the event was really great with high end speakers and very interesting debates. Overall, most of the speakers and the audience agreed the idea that more transparency the better and that transparency can improve democracies, but that such usage of transparency must be done in a deontological, ethical, and ideally transparent, framework in order to serve public goods without impairing personal and corporate privacy. I tweeted intensely during that even and wanted to share with you the most important element that I will personally retain of this day.


A mission for good 


Transparency, a daily battle

“to be legitimate, secrecy must have a public benefit purpose. Time diminish the need for secrecy” Robert G. Picard #transparency #ddj — ClementCharles (@ClementCharles) 24 mai 2013



Some traditional media are also against transparency. For various reasons.

In the end, it is a question of data ownership. Again.

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