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October 14th, 2014 by Clement Charles


During my last QS session, I was thrilled with a great discussion we’ve had of how much tracking devices can expand your perception to reach a stage where sensors become nearly useless as your senses would have have been augmented  « organically ».

Think about time. Must of us had a watch when kids. A lot of us – even here in Switzerland – do not wear any. For me, like plenty of other it’s very very easy to tell, without watch or other kind of display what time it is, with a 15-30 precision. Nothing exceptional there. I would assume that before, the watch, before the ticking of the clock every hour, makind also kew how fast / how slow time was moving but that their « intimate organic precision » was not as precises than today. Men and women of the early US or the French revolution could easily say « it’s mid morning, not far from lunch »,, but not able to say « it must be between 10.30 and 11 am » as we easily can today. They could roughly say the time « more or less » two hours.
At the QS session, a fellow self trackers explained that, after 2 years of tracking steps daily with fitbit, he could say – with a 500 steps margin – how much steps he walked in his day. I’ve said many time that QS « makes the unseen visible », unlike lifelogging “with stores that your sense did feel ».
Based on Oliver’s take, yes, QS could make the unseen become visible, but it could also teach you to see it. Without devices. To improve (hack?) your brain into countings steps.
I’ve never been a believer of 10/90 theory regarding brain usage or brain capabilites. Why  ? BecauseI think we are the very early stage of understanding the brain, so instead of « 90% un-used », my take is « 90% not yet understood ».
Nevertheless, in such perspectives, I think we could consider some Quantified Self tracking practices as brain power expander, as a way to expand your senses and gain new one , where QS devices would the « small wheels » of your brain bicycle, teaching securely and progressively how to ride without those small wheels. Or how to track without the tracker.
To conclude, I want to relate this with the « wetware » pioneers that get magnet implants in their finger pulls, and thus, truly « senses » new feel, new vision, when they walk in the street.
We can all be super hero. We don’t even need to be Gamma ray exposed or GM-spider bitten. We just need to find the right tools to expand our brain. And the Quantified Self movement has plenty of those to propose. Well, I love QS just even more !  And ready for a new milestones in expanding human capabilities, organic transhumanism.

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