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May 12th, 2013 by Clement Charles

Intimacy, innovation and emotion: my 1st day at Quantified Self Europe 2013

Despite I’ve been to at least 500 conferences and event in my life, I rarely have felt as much emotion that during my presence at Quantified Self Europe in Amsterdam.

I got into QS for fun, for passion of technology and to feed my appetite of data. Not to solved any health problem in particular, because, thanks to life, I am in good health, good mind and good personal situation.
Here in Amsterdam, I just start to understand that a lot of the pioneer and fellow trackers did go there to solve real problems, to improve medical conditions, to have a better chance of solving their health problems or in some case, to find by themselves solution that the medical community could find or would not search for.  Also, I am surprised, in a way moved, by the level of intimacy you find in the “show&tell” presentations. I some time feel as voyeur, looking at personal medical files of relations. But I am not. People share, I am just there.
The first presentation by Robin Barooah and Jon Cousin were great introduction, a great to give deep into their brain, heart and souls. It requires courage to publicly speak about personal issues and how it was hard to solve them. It will surely help so many others to share about how they could move on and be more happy.
Later during the day, I felt connected with Mark Leavitt, and not only because he is now a vegan ; ) He explained us the link between tracking, to identify the habit, the pattern, and then, once understood, act by hacking the habit. I was impressed with the amount of changes – for the better – done in his life, as well as the discipline it involves to get there. As I said in my question, I think that there is so many things that we need to “unlearn” : that’s the challenge of the 21st century, “unlearn” what we’ve learned wrong, with obviously, some focus on nutrition, agriculture and environment. I commented this and was happy to see that Mark and other members of the audience, agreed
Sara Raggare was clearly the big moment of my day in terms of human relation and new person I can admire from now on. Sara is a young, pretty researcher and scientist from Sweden that suffers from Parkinson disease which is already rather intense. Her presentation was about the app she created to help track the evolution of symptom and link it with the intake of drugs, suggesting which one is more useful when. Beside the scientific content, I was moved, nearly to tears, by her courage, her optimism, her strength in life and will to improve other’s life.
The entire “intimate but not voyeur” which is so nice in this conference is really reinforced with the natural, friendly and attentive moderation and questions from Gary Wolff.
I had a great day, guys, thanks.
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