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November 19th, 2013 by Clement Charles

Meet me ITU World Telecom this week

During the ITU World Telecom conferences in Bangkok, I will be speaking in two majors session covering two very hot topic of the current ICT business. Below, the release from AllTheContent. Text me, DM me, connect me, mail me, call me – in all cases I will happy to meet ; )


As media futurist and expert in new media business models, Clement Charles is one the expert selected by ITU for the “Meet The Experts” session on Value Added Services, on the relation between telcos and media firms.
Participant to this session must be pre-registred with the following link:
As big data specialist, a privacy advocate and a digital immortality promoter, Clement Charles will also be part of the panel on Big Data & Governance. Alongside with other industry leader, Charles will share it own view on the business opportunity for telco to ensure privacy and a fair transparent usage of users data.
In preparation of his presence in two central conference of the most important IT event of the of year, the ITU World Telecom,  Clement Charles has been interviewed by the ITU blog, giving a glimpse on its vision of the telco/media relationship and sharing the central importance that had ITU event in his personal and business life.

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