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May 27th, 2013 by Clement Charles

Panel on photovoltaics and technology transfer

I will moderating a pannel  in a event co organized by CSEM and the IEEE, in association with CleantechAlps on tech transfer in the photovoltaics industry in Switzerland. You can download the full program of the event. Here is a few lines about the event and my interest for it.

As some of you may know, my interest in future tech does not stop at the border to screen or the last letter of the keyboard. I am also very interested by all types of clean tech and clean energy production. Not only essential to our survival as a species, I think it’s also a really exciting sector, in many ways like the proto-oil “before the major” era when the production was conducted by thousands of small independent energy provider.

More formally, I really agree with Jeremy Rifkin‘s vision of the Third Industrial Revolution and think that it’s more than time now to move on !

In that sense, I was really happy to be proposed to moderate and animate the upcoming panel debate Thursday in a event co organized by CSEM and the IEEE, in association with CleantechAlps. Just a reminder, the IEEE slogan is “advancing technology for humanity”… very close from my own personal moral.

The title of the event “ CSEM technology transfer and the case of photovoltaics in Switzerland – Neuchatel (CH)”. It groups the general assembly of IEEE Switzerland  with quality key notes: speakers from CSEM and industry will explain the actual status of photovoltaics in Switzerland, both from the R&D as from the production perspective.

Then, I will be moderating a panel round table with Hugo Wyss, Remigio Pian from Viteos, as well as all the other speaker of the day, to close the event.

In addition to the green tech side which is exciting, I also really glad to be included in an event about tech transfer, as I think the links between research and practices, between academics and businesses, is essential. Also, I think it should be increased, reinforced, and such ties would solves many of “ressources” problems on both ends of the pipes. SME needs more brains, Universities needs for funds.


Registration is free but compulsory for attendees.


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