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May 10th, 2013 by Clement Charles

Quantified Self & Digital Immortality

QS & Digital Immortality

I have been thinking to the type of pres I could share with the audience at the conference in Holland. Surely, I have done a lot of QS experiences and keep doing new ones ; but, being a frequent watcher of the videos of other QS Show & Tell, I know that I lack the intense discipline that enable most trackers to get real change going on.

In that sense, I wanted to propose a more “general” presentation, that could also be exciting for the audience. Maybe even more, as more general and futuristic. Indeed, Quantified Self by many will lead to quantified societies and this what I’d like to speak about. It could have the format of Show & Tell but the topic would be slightly broader.


In a Show & Tell format

– What did I do ? I have been a journalist and successful new media entrepreneur for the past 14 years, based on my success on implementing vision (too) early. I discovered QS 3 years ago via historical interest I had in the Internet of Things and eHealth. Fell in love with the movement: its ingenuity, its “nothing is impossible” attitude”, its futuristic take on the fact that tomorrow will be different than today.

– How did you it ? I discovered that I’ve been a self-trackers nearly for ever. I bought / installed / created hard and software tools. I created QS Geneva to meet other trackers. I used QS to learn about me, but even more, to apprehend the consequences of the quantified society for the field of health, work, family and life.

– What did I learned ? I learned that QS may connect the dots between a personal philosophies, increased shared social benefit, personal improvement and geek gadgets. In Europe, it may lead to smarter prevention pattern and lower welfare cost of social health (thus ensuring, it’s survival). In 5 to 10 years perspective, I now think, that enriched with exhaustive ememory and life-long cognitive information gathering, it will lead our species to serious option of creating electronic personalities to ensure immortal.

Soon. Or sooner .

Did you just read immortal ? Yes, you did . But don’t be scared, I am not speaking about Scotts with swords or teenage vampires ; ) I am neither a new age freak, nor a techno prophet and even less of a militant “one way only” transhumanist. As an entrepreneur or academics, I have spent the past 15 years in compiling up what going’s on today to draft what’s coming up tomorrow morning. I’ve been often right, regularly wrong. On this, I am really confident that the path is there, the question is when and how it may be followed.

In a panel about data ownership ITU World in Dubai last Oct where I was invited, I roughly spoke about it, and surprisingly, had a great interest in the crowd composed of regulators and big telcos. Here in Amsterdam, my wish to meet to tons of great exciting people, and contribute to enhance the meaning of all those efforts by increasing the sense of community of the audience with very fragmented QS practices.

Hope to see you there !


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