Clement Charles

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November 1st, 2013

insect inspired flying robot


Adrien Briod, researcher at EPFL, has designed this really interesting insect inspired robot that can bump into obstacles and keep flying.

It’s just one of the exciting project you have at The National Centre of Competence in Research (NCCR) Robotics, which is a nation-wide center, launched by the Swiss National Science Foundation, with the common objective of developing new, human-oriented robotic technology for improving our quality of life.   This center gathers leading robotic experts in Switzerland from cutting-edge research institutions: EPFLas the home institution, ETH ZurichUniversity of Zurich and Dalle Molle Institute for Artificial Intelligence. Launched on 1 December 2010, the NCCR Robotics will run for up to twelve years. The NCCR Robotics brings together Swiss robotic research and aims to generate long-term benefits to society as a whole. Through this website, we would like to establish two-way communication about robotics in Switzerland and abroad with researchers, students, teachers, industries, and the general public.