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August 9th, 2013

Capturing and broadcasting odors and aromas with photos and videos

Capturing and broadcasting odors and aromas with photos and videos will be – for sure – an important trend in the decades to come, even in a shorter term. I was passionated by the subject from 99 to 2005, then focused on other “too early” innovation.

Coming back with the idea earlier this year, I was actually sure it existed already by now. Looking for it, there were no products but I found this great piece of content on Protein which talks about such tool. Still a design concept, soon a prototype and not so far from now, on the shelf on your electronic store. Check this article, on Aromastagram | An odor capturing camera imbues your photos with the scent of the moment.

Provide a multi-sensory experiment 

I have always been interested by multi sensory experiences and made a lot of trial / real size test / performance with that in my musical / party organizing years.

Closer from now and from the content industries, in 2005, we did sign a deal, DreamLanes, with France Telecom spin-off that had patent a odor-diffusion tech associated with ambient / nature video. Aromas where artificial flavors and/or essential oils. It could also diffuse steam like fog in the room.  They also had a “consumer product” called Videorama – check the product sheet . We, at AllTheContent, provided the content.

They were actually a lot too early. Most interested content industries were relaxation and…. porn ! They finally repurposed their offer for creating tailor made scent in cars or shops.