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March 1st, 2014

Eating celebrities

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No, we are not talking about celebrities that are currently eating. Nope, we are not talking about how the paparazzi or the hassles modern life can be “eating celebrities”. Last not, we are not talking about eating the celebrity itself…. Well, actually, we are. Indeed, the BiteLabs‘ project is very much in line with the future of meat, which is in-vitro cultivated meat. In that sense, they propose you to collect tissue / muscle sample from selected celebrities, use it as basis to grow meat tissues in laboratories to finally mix this “in vitro” human meat with animal flesh to create a tasteful salami.

An other slides of Ellen DeGeneres ? Would you care for a toothpick to take off this “James Franco meat” of your theeth ? Still hungry after your tasting of  Kayne West ? Enjoy your meal ! It may seem awful, but at the end of day, meat is meat, protein is protein.

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As discussed previously, I really think the future of meat is in vitro for obvious environmental reasons as well as enjoying the not yet common moral benefit of not killing any animals to feed yourself. To conclude, on why I hardly see any civilized future is not vegetarian if not vegan, I want to remind you the exciting quote from anthropology pioneer Claude Levy Strauss that I shared and translated in a previous post.