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June 12th, 2014

GET YOUR DATA Now. or loose it forever

SpringPad is shutting down. I tested this life logging / note app a couple of year ago. It was good, quite easy to use, but not complete enough to compete with my premium Evernote.

While shutting down, SpringPad is being really fair play (and it’s not that easy when you manage a company closing down and your dreams going down the gutter). They are playing it fair in the sense that they warn you (not a in Zeo way) that they are closing, they give you various choice to export your data (including direct to Evernote export) and send you reminder about the deadlines to get your data back. Great job, guys.

Below, a few elements received from them if you need to get your data back.

Message from Springpad

We recently notified you that Springpad will be shutting down. During this transition, we are committed to helping you save a copy of your Springpad data so that you can have it for the future. Please visit before June 25th to export your data.

Thank you to our loyal users – We hope that you have enjoyed using Springpad as much as we enjoyed building it for you!

We understand that this transition may be difficult for many of you and we will try to help as much as possible. If you have questions or need help, please visit the Springpad Shutdown FAQ

January 30th, 2014

The QS GVA Meet Up – Happy 2014


Back on blogging after two intense months of 200% work. I hope you are all fine and the holidays were good. Happy New Year. 2014 will be a great year, glad to be looking for it !

We also back on track with the Quantified Self Meet Up in Geneva. The first 2014 Meet Up – the 10th in total – will be held in the nice cowering / digital culture space of La Muse ! As for the program, we plan a short but dense meet up.

As you know, QS, as all new technologies and society changer, has one step in the present and an other in the future. Our next meet up will provide the same perspective with some really immediately relevant and useful content, as well as some more futuristic forward thinking to fuel your imagination.

Bruno Chanel, a digital strategist and Evernote ambassador in CH, will present a graphic compilation demonstrating links and correlation between various sets of his personal data, collected with Withings (weight, BMI), Evernote Foods (meals) and Jawbone UP (steps, sleeps).  A first time disclosure of all this very, very personal data.

More info:

Clement Charles, digital media pioneer, promoter of awareness of both Quantified Self and data privacy, will share a “down the line vision” of the digital immortality, or how connected mankind could stays around for centuries by using life long collected data to create digital copies of themselves.

More info:


This meet up will televised !

At the RTS is currently doing a report about QS for health, they are inviting us to have the meet up in the highest tower of the city, with an exceptional view on the city. They will be filming the meet up as part of their report, but no presentation or personal data will be recorded.

There is no bar service, so please feel free to bring some drinks along.

Event is free – please do subscribe via MeetUp to ease planning: Quantified Self Geneva (Genève) – Meetup