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August 20th, 2013

Food and industrial death: 6 minutes of non verbal content to make you speechless.

I came across that great movie today. Enjoy. But do no watch while eating.

Even more happy than usual to be vegetarian.

June 18th, 2013

Food for tomorrow. Bon appétit !



The question of food for tomorrow is more than central for any one that knows that you don’t do much with an empty stomach. Despite many development and increase in productivity, food supply is not yet (at all) guaranteed. In that context, I wanted to share with you two very interesting, rather exciting for totally different ideas in terms of future of foods.

Based on the image above, I want to share with you the interview with the smart, innovative and shocking couple behind the After Agri project. Discover their tools to produce algae with your breath, to get nutriments from saliva or to cook human placenta for health !!! Impressive, sometime gross, the art work is always asking relevant questions. Read the full interview here.


In more practical way, I wanted to share with you this video form the “springfield seed library”. A bit long, not very well filmed, but the presentation and the content shared by architect designer Joseph Krupczynski is really exciting. Personally, I would advice any one that owns a free tin box to start its own seedbank, by collecting seeds in the nature, the streets, the parks, the garden and even some times, buy some in shop and during travel. If you can access some soil and you plan / are planning to do some gardening, leaves some of your crop go to seed, and collect them. Seeds are like any other kind of information: the more dispersed, the better  ; )

Artists and the Future—Art, Food Systems, and Civic Engagement: The Springfield Seed Library from Louisa McCall on Vimeo.