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June 8th, 2014

A day in 2020, by intel.

In this promotional video, Intel has taken their perception, vision and predicitons on how the future of our productive lives will most likely look like. The video offers and array of scenarios that are futuristic in our time.

May 11th, 2013

Interviewed alongside Ray Kurzweil, Gordon Bell and Brewster Kahle


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Whaouh ! I had the great chance to be interviewed by award winning documentarist Antoine Viviani… The interview was on big data, quantified society, future of lifeloging and digital immortality. The team was great, and chatting with them, I understood that they conducted a lot of interviews in the US with some my personal heroes and key influencers such as Ray Kurzweil, Gordon Bell and Brewster Kahle. I was honored and impressed to among the interviewees for the film.

Previously, Antoine VIVIANI realize this fantastic interactive transmedia called IN SITU documentary and won some awards from it. You can still view it with its interactive enrichment online the specific Arte sub-site.


Caption (c) Antoine Viviani, Arte 2011.