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June 3rd, 2014

Simulate your process

Since my studies in political sciences and organization, I always loved processes. If you are like me or just want to test your process, this free and online Business Processes Simulator is a funny and rather impressive tool (for a free one.)
Please find some more information below from the site itself.

The Business Processes Simulator is an online service for simulating of business processes for professional business efficiency analysis in BPM and Lean Manufacturing.
Purpose of Business Simulation:

* ♦Identification of manufacturing bottlenecks and optimization of the company’s business processes;
* ♦Analysis of actors’ workload and sufficiency of resources available to a business process;
* ♦Estimation of the efficiency of business process improvements

Key Features of Application:

1. Easy visual modeling of business processes using a task-oriented notation;
2. Step-by-step or automatic control of process simulation execution;
3. Collection the imitation modeling results for applications in Lean 6 Sigma;
4. Automatic analysis of the results of business process simulation and suggestion of improvements;
5. Only local or cloud resources are used for storing user models: Google Drive, Dropbox and Yandex.Disk;
6. Free for personal and commercial use;
7. Ability to work offline;
8. No installation required.