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June 12th, 2013

QS GVA June 13 – Session review

For our June event of QS GVA, we had a great meet up last night at the Green Café last night in GVA. Around 10 self trackers attended the meet up. We were pleased to welcome newcomer like Melody, Thomas, Malek, Felipe, and to catch up with regulars like Marcello, Laurent, José, Kat and my self.

After a first order of drinks, we briefly spoke about the QS EU 13 event in Amsterdam. Marek and I both attended and had a great time. Marek shared in experiences of having offices hours to present his app and meeting this the community, when I mention is new understanding of the motivation of trackers and briefly reported on the digital immortality break out session. We briefly announced the upcoming global QS conf in October.

Marek made the first presentation of the night, presenting QS iOS Apps Systematic, that let’s you tracks habits and things to do in ways that can help you achieve your goals. It’s a nice and elegant app, and the team has a lot idea to make it even better and extend its reach (Android apps, Google Glasses). The app is on sales on the app store for a while and you can look at the slides here or visit the app’s site. You can also view the slides below.

The second presentation was a device test and review by Marcello. He acquired the OnDaily tracker from Decathlon and tested rather extensively over a few days / weeks. Compared to the price, really low at 44 €, Marcello had a rather “good and fun” experiences, despite all the defaults of the product that he mention: 1min delay before tracking, weak sync between desktop and web app, poor content on the site and really cheap user interface.

The group then spent some time speaking about this user interface not knowing if it was purposely on beta or looking ugly not to compete with other more high end product sold the sport goods distributor, or if there was a really a problem in hiring UI and graphic designer for that project. I’ve made a similar review on my blog about the trackers and got an answer as comment from the product manager that explained they were working on the issues and that a new firmware should be released soon. The whole QS GVA is looking forward to re test it all once the new firmware would be provided.

After some Q&A with the speakers, we exchanged about the last tracking tools available, and agreed on the increasing trends of “stylish”, even “jewelry” like QS tracking devices. We also spoke about user interface, memoto life logging camera and beddit sleep trackers.

We wrapped up at 9.30 PM and a large part of the group stayed to enjoy a nice healthy asian dinner at the Green Café. Next events will be in fall, after the summer break. All the best until then.

If you did join our Quantified Self Geneva group on meet up, please jump on board.



Slides from Systematic.

June 10th, 2013

Full set of personal data on sales, with Frederico Zannier

I had a lot of pleasures of following Frederico Zannier project to sell its own data. He sucessfully closed this week end a first round of 2 733 USD of people that will pay to get part or whole of his data.


On making money with data, Frederico has this great quote

” In 2012, advertising revenue in the United States was around $30 billion. That same year, I made exactly $0 from my own data. But what if I tracked everything myself? Could I at least make a couple bucks back?”

This is just the start of citizens starting to take control of their own data. Get ready !