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September 1st, 2014


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5 years ago, I looked crazy stupid naive when I mentioned the idea, that in the future (which is now), telco’s will be selling disconnection as much as connection, access restriction as much full access.

Similarly, when I spoke at ITU last year on data privacy in World Telecom in Bangkok, I mentioned the fact that selling privacy and secured data access, I remember people being really surprised in the audience. Then, later during the event, I was happy to see fellow future-thinker (Swiss too) Gerd Leonard mentioned the exact same concept when he addressed the crowd of operators and regulators telling them “telcos are in the trust business”. You can view the full keynote here.

Logically, in the space of personal data, especially with lifelogin and quantified self data, trust is not an option, it must should be a central piece of the product offering.  This is way I’ve loved the concept of Pryv from the very start, in the field of QS  meta platforms to aggregate your various data. Contained in the name (Pryv, as in private) , but also in their DNA (they’re Swiss, and as such love secrecy), their concept is really right and fair, proposed in a rich user interface.

Now to the business, I just discovered the business of Respect Networks, dubbed as “the leading platform for secure, verified and mutually agreed sharing of personal data”. This is just a start of new business, where people will pay for trust.

June 5th, 2014


The more I listen, the more I hear concerns about data ownership and control. Concerns, yes, but solutions, not much. All of it flavored by pessimism – as if the current abuse were here to stay.

Well I don’t think so.

Fist of all, I am sure, and I’ve said publicly in event like ITU Telecom World 2013, that today, a good privacy and data protection are like the icing on the cake, but that they may become the cake itself in the soon to come future. Indeed, I think that in 10 years from now, to create a real data economy where growth is possible, privacy will be part of the game, as much as letting users control the usage of their data.

Secondly, the logic, the technical paradigm to reach that goal is already public today. One of the greatest initiative to protect personal data, in my view, is the IDCUBED project from the MIT , headed by John Henry Clippinger. I had the pleasure to meet John at ITU Telecom World 2012, in Dubai, in a session on privacy. On that day, and in our lunch that followed, I discovered their idea of a “data mark up language” that would encapsulate all types of possible usages of the data produced.

In my view, based on that idea from the MIT, each data should have its own meta-mark up information, like the EXIFF files in a photo or the XML files in a web content.

It should answer the following question, from the biggest to the smallest:

1 / Do you allow your data to be share ? Yes. No. If no, end of the question.

2 / If yes, would you like this data to be share with

– scientific organizations that would use your data anonimmized for research purpose
– a specific person (please list as many, please use group or “circles” that you’ve already curated)
– all or part of yours contacts (from one or more database of personal contact, from address books to Facebook friends)
– commercial organization that may uses your data commercially (and possibly, pay you a share of the revenues)


What do you think ? What rights would you give to who ? Let’s chat .



January 30th, 2014

The QS GVA Meet Up – Happy 2014


Back on blogging after two intense months of 200% work. I hope you are all fine and the holidays were good. Happy New Year. 2014 will be a great year, glad to be looking for it !

We also back on track with the Quantified Self Meet Up in Geneva. The first 2014 Meet Up – the 10th in total – will be held in the nice cowering / digital culture space of La Muse ! As for the program, we plan a short but dense meet up.

As you know, QS, as all new technologies and society changer, has one step in the present and an other in the future. Our next meet up will provide the same perspective with some really immediately relevant and useful content, as well as some more futuristic forward thinking to fuel your imagination.

Bruno Chanel, a digital strategist and Evernote ambassador in CH, will present a graphic compilation demonstrating links and correlation between various sets of his personal data, collected with Withings (weight, BMI), Evernote Foods (meals) and Jawbone UP (steps, sleeps).  A first time disclosure of all this very, very personal data.

More info:

Clement Charles, digital media pioneer, promoter of awareness of both Quantified Self and data privacy, will share a “down the line vision” of the digital immortality, or how connected mankind could stays around for centuries by using life long collected data to create digital copies of themselves.

More info:


This meet up will televised !

At the RTS is currently doing a report about QS for health, they are inviting us to have the meet up in the highest tower of the city, with an exceptional view on the city. They will be filming the meet up as part of their report, but no presentation or personal data will be recorded.

There is no bar service, so please feel free to bring some drinks along.

Event is free – please do subscribe via MeetUp to ease planning: Quantified Self Geneva (Genève) – Meetup


November 13th, 2013

please meet the ultimate sensor


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I just discovered the SENSORDRONE, a fantastic plateform for so many sensors and unlimited amounts of apps. I am going to order one right now. Check the video below, I am sure you will do the same ; )


November 6th, 2013

Airo – the latest wrist tracker in the pipe

Great video for Airo. A product expected… in fall 2014 ! The new and smart idea? the food spectrometer. Looking forward to test that.

September 13th, 2013

Review on Shine, Alive Cor ECG, BAC Track breathalyzer and Hyetis’ Crossbow smart watch

Last Wed, we had a small intimate QS Meet Up event, mainly focused on exchanges and new products. Please find a summary of our discussion below.

New devices by Laurent Eymard

We start with some discussion on the latest iPhone announcement. Not focusing on the possible loss of fingers web your phone get stolen and the new data to resell / illegally reproved that we will now be able to give the Apple and others accessing their infrastructures, we mainly talk about the M7 processor. Indeed, this iPhone 5S comes with a processor, called M7 or Motion Processor, dedicated processor to capture moves and manage the accelerometer, which would lead to a lot of autonomy and a lot more battery life, as all data associated with movement will be manage by this new chip and not the general CPU of the computer. Also, the phone is presented as twice as fast that the previous models. To test and validate.

We had to pleasure to welcome Laurent from , always testing the latest gear and devices for its online community. Laurent delivered its test results of three product that we then discussed.

Shine – It does surely shine, but it is not as bright as expected

Based on a crowd funded project, Shine is a motion tracker  from misfit wearable. It’s USP is to be quite classy and elegant, and with 4 month of battery life. Indeed, it has been thought to be nice and classy from the start. All covers and in aluminum, and not plastic, and the device is fully waterproof (until 10bar – quite a margin to swiss daily).
You need to touch it twice to activate. You can see progress to reach the setted goads with led scales. If you click three times, you see the time too ; )

Goal are set in points, translated into activities. 800 points is one hour of walk, 30 min of running or 20min swimming. Compared to other trackers, on average, you get 10% less steps measured that with FitBit.

To set it up, set goals or indicate your current activity, you are supposed to place it on iOS devices and it’s detected. But it works also next to it as it’s bluetooth 4.0 enabled. You need to choose the activity before you sync, and then it will track this specific activity. You will activate the trackers by tapping three times, but the activity itself has been selected from the iOS device. Strange, and not very smart, and definitely not convenient. Yes, it tracks more things that Jawbone but it’s really not effort less.

Laurent also mentioned that app detect the language device and you cannot change the language – which is annoying.
A good thing is the easy feedbacks function within the apps, and even more, the quick feedbacks that you will get from Shine as well as a kind and good support form the staff.

As said, battery should last at least 4 month with Lithium battery. The great option, you forget about it for a long time.

Currently on sales for 120 USD in USA in Apple Store in exclusivity. We can get elsewhere if did you finance the crowd funding campaign. Now, only iOS UI, no web or desktop interfaces, but surely in planning.

More info: an appropriate section on red dolphin (link). 


Alive Cor is a shell / cover for iPhone that measure your heart beat.
Laurent tested it with professional medical partners that said that quality of signal measures was great, and with “a clean trace and graph”.
Once you use the AliveECG, you can measure the heart beat, can change your scale of vision and export results in PDF and more.

The tech concept is interesting. Indeed, to track, you put your hands on the sensors, as on a fitness machine, the device creates a unique sound that you do not hear, based on your heart beat, and then the iOS device capture the sound and measure the heart beat. The interface is impressive and results seems usable.
Check the video

It can be used by doctor to draft quick diagnostic. It could really be useful for people with weak heart condition, such as arrhythmia. It only measures, and provide no diagnosis, only data… as a classic ECG in hospital that needs doctors to “read” it for interpretation. It could provide diagnosis based on standard data models but I think such diagnosis would be a really heavy responsibility, even with all the possible disclaimers.
It cost circa 150 USD, now sold only in US and UK. Not really “authorized” in Europe, hard to understand why.

Other provider of similar devices right now and in the pipe, such as OmSignal or Citizen Science.

BAC Track – 

The BAC stands for Breath Alcohol Content.  This mobile tracker is meant to measure the level of alcohol in your breath. The company behind it also provides a bigger more precise version that is used by US police, so they are really a credible player in the market, not just an other gadget maker.

The devices is impressively precise. And quite funny to use. (show some print screen). In case you did know you were drunk, it tells your level of alcohol and the time to reach sobriety (=zero alcohol). The great thing to have in parties – in my perspective, more as fun than prevention devices. Still, I did not find (yet) a video while searching for Bac Track Contest or similar search ; )


Yetis – CrossBow

Last but not least, Laurent spoke the CrossBow from Swiss company Hyetis that intends to build the ultimate Swiss watch !! It really has impressive functions, like a combination of a smart watch and a James Bond tools. It needs to be charged daily by induction. It now on pre-order at 1200 USD (which is not so expensive for a Swiss watch) and really looks like a first of its kind. Check the site, it’s worth it. On a personal level, I always thought that Quantified Self and self-tracking are a part of the future of the watch industry, especially for low / mid budget watch that are not fully mechanic.


More Quantified Self information 

Sad to have missed it all ? Us too, we’d like to see you there.

No worries, join our group on Meet Up and we will be happy to meet you at the next Quantified Self Geneva.

June 12th, 2013

QS GVA June 13 – Session review

For our June event of QS GVA, we had a great meet up last night at the Green Café last night in GVA. Around 10 self trackers attended the meet up. We were pleased to welcome newcomer like Melody, Thomas, Malek, Felipe, and to catch up with regulars like Marcello, Laurent, José, Kat and my self.

After a first order of drinks, we briefly spoke about the QS EU 13 event in Amsterdam. Marek and I both attended and had a great time. Marek shared in experiences of having offices hours to present his app and meeting this the community, when I mention is new understanding of the motivation of trackers and briefly reported on the digital immortality break out session. We briefly announced the upcoming global QS conf in October.

Marek made the first presentation of the night, presenting QS iOS Apps Systematic, that let’s you tracks habits and things to do in ways that can help you achieve your goals. It’s a nice and elegant app, and the team has a lot idea to make it even better and extend its reach (Android apps, Google Glasses). The app is on sales on the app store for a while and you can look at the slides here or visit the app’s site. You can also view the slides below.

The second presentation was a device test and review by Marcello. He acquired the OnDaily tracker from Decathlon and tested rather extensively over a few days / weeks. Compared to the price, really low at 44 €, Marcello had a rather “good and fun” experiences, despite all the defaults of the product that he mention: 1min delay before tracking, weak sync between desktop and web app, poor content on the site and really cheap user interface.

The group then spent some time speaking about this user interface not knowing if it was purposely on beta or looking ugly not to compete with other more high end product sold the sport goods distributor, or if there was a really a problem in hiring UI and graphic designer for that project. I’ve made a similar review on my blog about the trackers and got an answer as comment from the product manager that explained they were working on the issues and that a new firmware should be released soon. The whole QS GVA is looking forward to re test it all once the new firmware would be provided.

After some Q&A with the speakers, we exchanged about the last tracking tools available, and agreed on the increasing trends of “stylish”, even “jewelry” like QS tracking devices. We also spoke about user interface, memoto life logging camera and beddit sleep trackers.

We wrapped up at 9.30 PM and a large part of the group stayed to enjoy a nice healthy asian dinner at the Green Café. Next events will be in fall, after the summer break. All the best until then.

If you did join our Quantified Self Geneva group on meet up, please jump on board.



Slides from Systematic.

May 29th, 2013

The 2013 Quantified Self Europe Conference Roundup

If you missed the big moment of European Quantified Self movement, you will surely enjoy the round up on the global QS Blog. You will see many different post, covering a large amount of topics and points of view, on Quantified Self in general, as well as on this great QS EU 13 conferences we’ve enjoyed so much.

You can access the full review with this link: The 2013 Quantified Self Europe Conference RoundupQuantified Self. You’ll also be able to view some videos, interviews and captures of conference and a great  Flicker album.

If you are looking for my post, my reports and feelings on the event, please use the following links:

A general piece:
A piece about the breakout session we’ve had: 
Some smaller, more targeted posts:



May 18th, 2013

Memoto at Quantified Self Europe 2013 | Memoto Blog

A great overview of what happen last week at QS Europe Conference in A’Dam. From MEMOTO, one of the most promising wearable life logging tool, that had a huge (and deserved) success on kickstarter.
Check the article there:

Memoto at Quantified Self Europe 2013 | Memoto Blog.

Aslo, a big thanks to Niklas for his mention of my breakout on digital immortality. I am glad he like the session and enjoyed with the final poetic statement “Especially with all the self-tracking we’re getting into, what we do in life echoes in eternity.” Agreed !!! If you wanna start echoing in pictures right now, pre orders are still open for memoto cams ; )

May 18th, 2013

Step Tracking: different paradigms

Hey – This article is in French – Sorry for my English readers. 


Dans le cadre de mon test de ON Daily, je conclurai enfin en disant que sur une promenade test de 9 kilomètres que j’ai eu l’occasion de faire, mesurée avec deux apps de tracking sur deux téléphones différents. La différence de pas et de distance était près de 2 000 pas et d’un peu de 1,7 kilomètre. Donc clairement, ce problème de configuration du tracker crée énormément de variations.

Sur ce dernier point, il est important de constater, dans la lignée de la conférence Quantified Self d’Amsterdam de ce week-end que la définition d’un “pas” en tant que tel n’est pas figée dans le temps ou défini par une norme universelle. Gary Wolf, le pionnier du quantified self indiquait que les tests montraient des variations assez fortes entre le podomètre de Nike: « Nike FuelBand » et le « Fit Bit ».

What’s a step ?

Selon Gary, son impression était de dire que pour « Fit Bit » n’importe quel petit mouvement était considéré comme un pas, le paradigme de l’objet étant de faire bouger les gens qui n’ont pas assez de mouvements, de faire que les informaticiens se lèvent de derrière l’ordinateur et de leurs chaises.

A l’inverse, ces petits mouvements de jambe, ces demi-pas, ces petits sauts sur les talons n’étaient pas considérés par Nike comme des pas et donc pas décomptés dans le décompte d’activités du jour. Selon Gary, cette différence venait aussi de l’idée que Nike étant un équipementier sportif, il créait des outils de mesure qui mesurait les pas actifs, volontaires, énergiques et non pas n’importe quel mouvement de l’accéléromètre.

Cela confirme une fois de plus l’immensité du champ des questions ouvertes par le Quantified Self. Des questions techniques bien sure, qui ont ausssi souvent une dimension philosophique.

May 13th, 2013

Comprehensive meta platform for QS and personal data

Capture d’écran 2013-05-12 à 09.50.01

The world of Qs, data gathering and life logging is still very, very, fragmented to say the least. This fragmentation  is also one of the current issues that normal user have that stops them of tracking their behaviors and habits. Indeed, correlation and therefore knowledge, is only possible were multiple data sets are in the same system, and can be correlated and produce information.

In that sense, I had the pleasure to discover three current project at the QS EU conference last week end. Fluxtream  (captions above), ZenoBase and Sympho.Me . Fluxtream seems the most advanced and the most “exhaustive one” but ZenoBase is also great, smartly done and seems to work very well. Sympho.Me is still in early stage with no much source of data that can be integrated into the account. I will test them a bit more extensively and provide you a more detailed feedbacks in the coming weeks.


May 11th, 2013

Digital Immortality @ ITU World Telecom in Dubai 2012

Clement Charles ITU Telecom World Dubai on QS Digital Immortality

I had the chance to participate to the ITU World Telecom latest event in Dubai. I was invited to speak about data and media in a panel called “Who Owns My Data”. Last night, I was preparing my break out session on digital immortality for the the QS conference.Good surprise, when I typed “digital immortality” in my evernote, I had the real pleasure to seeing one of quotes on that topic from this panel used as title of the big data section of the “outcome report” that is published after the conference. I did overview when I received but apparently did not read with enough attention as I missed my own quote of Digital Immortality : / Still it shows that the topic has impact.

You can download the complete ITU World Telecom 2012 Dubai Outcomes Report. The title with my quote is in the image above, on page 25/35.

Well, thanks a lot, Stewart and Simon !

May 9th, 2013

Quantified Self Europe this weekend !

This is clearly the big moment in the QS quarter with the QS Europe Conference. The whole team from SF / US is coming plus a ton of really great speaker.

qs-europeconferenceOn my side, I will be honored to host a break out session on Sunday about “Quantified Self & Digital Immortality”. If you there, connect me and let’s meet for a coffee and a chat.


If you cannot attend, I would assume that a lot of content of the conferences and presentation will be available online after the show.